Design Engineering
Showcase 2020


Ellie Peatman
Design Engineering MEng
Prof. Rafael Calvo
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Blueprint is an app that puts brain cancer patients in control of their treatment. Cancer is an incredibly unpredictable illness to live with, and with many first diagnoses being the result of a visit to A&E, many patients will need to decide their course of treatment quickly, amongst an overwhelming amount of new information. The effect on many patients’ mental states during this time can be detrimental and an added difficulty to an already disorientating experience.

 — Blueprint


A brain cancer diagnosis is a devastating life experience. Not only is the course of the disease unpredictable, but treatment pathways are also often unclear, making the task of organising all the support and care they need very challenging.


Current patients and survivors were interviewed throughout the development of Blueprint, which enabled user insights at every stage of development.


An app that allows users to track their symptoms, get treatment information to compliment the advice given by their oncologist, track their mood and journal their thoughts and feelings, and suggest questions for future appointments. The spread of tools to support a patient practically and emotionally throughout this time of their lives will improve the patients experience and aid some of the uncertainty that comes with this terrible disease.

 — Blueprint
These screens show an overall feel for the app experience. The five sections support a patients practical needs and mental health.


UI framework looks great!

Tom Woodburn

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