Design Engineering
Showcase 2020

A Soft Robotic Approach to Reinforce Medical Palpation Training

Liang He
Dr Thrishantha Nanayakkara
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Palpation, a technique widely used by medical practitioners in physical examination, is a critical part of clinical training in medical schools. Unlike diagnosis that only requires visual or auditory cues, palpation also focuses on haptic information, which is difficult to be trained and requires a considerable amount of time spent on hands-on practice. The project aims to develop a data-driven robotic system to reinforce the learning and training process of medical palpation to enable increased efficiency and performance.

 — A Soft Robotic Approach to Reinforce Medical Palpation Training
Robot palpates on the robot patient training phantom.

With the help of machine learning and advance in robotics, the project provides a systematic human training process beyond simulation to reinforce medical palpation learning.


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