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Due to high population, house prices, and intense competition, living in the city can be very stressful.

In a survey of more than 100 participants from Asia and Europe, 84% identified stressful conditions in their daily lives. However, only 7.9% have tried or are following stress coping strategies. The reasons for that include stigma, doubts concerning the effectiveness or simply a lack of money and time to adopt stress management methods.

 — Wio
Wio - an interactive stress relieve experience.


In a case study with young people (16-28) living in London, we identified several major reasons for stress: due to financial restraints, most of them live in non-ideal environments like basement apartments or have rooms with windows that face walls or the street (leading ot a lack of privacy and closed curtains).

The increased amount of time spent working from home has an additional negative effect on this stressful situation. From these insights, we defined the key insights for the final outcome:An engaging experience, minimal effort required to implement, all to visuallise the subtle or even invisible stress states of the user


Wio is a digital window for people who live in a windowless environment. It brings in the relaxing external view and guide people to do box breathing in a more engaging way. The goal of Wio is to incentivise user to do box breathing initiatively to manage stress.


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