Design Engineering
Showcase 2020

The Ideas Exchange

Design Engineering MEng
Dr Nejra Van Zalk
Embracing the White Space

IdEx is an end-to-end solution for students to streamline innovation, and leverage a mutual resource network, to realise commercial and social enterprises.

 — The Ideas Exchange

The IdEx software will allow students to manage the resources, events and agents related to a project, therefore behaving as a consensus database for all the agents involved in a particular project. The goals are to be able to streamline workflows and define contribution. DLT can provide basic protections and agreements to facilitate exploring the wider potential of the project. It would also mean that projects could be easily carried on by students of subsequent years, while still being able to reward students from previous years if the project does become a commercial success. This allows projects to become much more substantial than they otherwise might be, incentivising a wider cooperation to realise them.

View app design on Adobe Xd.


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