Design Engineering
Showcase 2020

GID Project Series: Archiving Memories

Cristina Molinari
Global Innovation Design
Humanising Technology

At times, letting go of our personal possessions can become a difficult process. Even when we realise some of these objects no longer serve a physical purpose. We as humans tend to develop a type of emotional bond and ownership towards our personal possessions. Thus, when these objects are categorised as “expired”, we find it difficult to let go… because it is these very objects, very possessions that provide us a space for emotional comfort and a pathway into a sentimental dwelling.

Acrylic Vinyl and Archiving Memories are two projects exploring the theme of personal memories, and the possibilities for archiving them and re-experiencing past memories.


Acrylic Vinyl, an exploration in intentional interactions, is a simple yet playful product. Users can customise their own music record player, and connect it to a playlist for either themselves or dedicated to someone else.

 — GID Project Series: Archiving Memories


Archiving Memories, a design research project, is a proposition for a personalised mixed reality system and experience. The all-in-one system will archive a user's personal objects and memories, as well as enabling them to re-experience and re-live them. Users can scan physical objects, record voice memos (with the built-in microphone), and upload digital files to the archival system. Whatever they store in the archival system will remain private to the user, unless they choose to share it and experience it with others.

 — GID Project Series: Archiving Memories


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