Design Engineering
Showcase 2020

Spatial Audio for Augmented Reality

Isaac Engel
Dr Lorenzo Picinali
Humanising Technology

We can define Augmented Reality as the technology that will allow us to extend human sensorial perception by seamlessly integrating virtual objects into the real world. Realistic 3D audio is a key component to this experience. By replicating how sound waves interact with the listener’s anatomy and their surroundings, it is possible to create the illusion of virtual sounds that seem to come from real sources.

 — Spatial Audio for Augmented Reality
Perceived quality of binaural renderings with different orders of Ambisonics reverberation.

My project focuses on investigating how humans perceive spatial audio and improving current methods for the generation of realistic 3D audio over headphones. Some of the research areas that I have worked on are: Ambisonics-based reverberation, effect of auditory anchors in sound localisation, headphone equalisation and transparent hearing devices for Augmented Reality.

 — Spatial Audio for Augmented Reality
Gamified task to explore the effect of auditory anchors on sound localisation.
 — Spatial Audio for Augmented Reality
Different hardware solutions for Audio Augmented Reality.


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