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Why is it so hard to find healthcare services when you’re abroad? If you get sick, where do you go? How much will it cost? Will you actually get the care you need? In a time when you can connect instantly with almost anyone in the world, it is strange that it is difficult to answer these basic questions.

AURA is a project that looks at how we might rethink the healthcare experience abroad for a more accessible and connected world.

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Get the care you need, wherever you need it.


AURA is inspired by my own experience spending time abroad as part of GID. In Tokyo, I noticed that finding a good, English-speaking dentist was remarkably difficult. Speaking with expats in both Tokyo and Singapore, it became clear that not only were health services very difficult for them to find and access, but when they did, they typically had very negative experiences. This is because their preconceived expectations of health services rarely were met by the care they received abroad.

Through extensive interviews, the three principal pain points that emerged in the current healthcare experience abroad were 1) unfamiliarity with system practices, 2) difficulty finding health services, and 3) insufficient interoperability and flow of information between patients and care providers. These served as design pillars in the development of AURA.


AURA is a digital platform through which you can find all the information you need to navigate a health system abroad and manage your medical information. It does this through the following features:

Location-Specific Information

AURA is a mobile healthcare guide that provides you with the essential information of foreign healthcare systems. Within the app, you can view location-specific pages containing information such as best practices, cost, and emergency numbers for a particular country or city.

Service Recommendation

By chatting with a medical concierge, you are able to quickly connect with a health service abroad. AURA understands that it is important to not just get connected to any service, but to the right service for you. This is why AURA uses a variable matching system to connect you to health services based on your preferences and past experiences.

Case Management

You can keep track of all your current and ongoing health cases. For any case, you can view the treatment you’ve received and its progression across multiple countries. Additionally, you can share your medical information with any care provider you choose, in any country.

It’s time that healthcare caught up to the lives of modern global citizens.


It's fascinating work. Healthcare is a significant issue when we are abroad. I think there will be a great potential for growth if it partner with a travel agency or travel insurance company.

Jiho Kim

Very interesting project, much needed Could be hugely beneficial for insurance companies to add to travel insurance

Julia Johnson

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