Design Engineering
Showcase 2020

Tinker & Think with Tech Toys

Shafina Vohra
Prof. Peter Childs
Humanising Technology

Using Boundary objects as 'Tech Toys' to investigate whether they enable teenagers to creatively think through the integration of subject domains by transferring skills and knowledge, in a design project.

 — Tinker & Think with Tech Toys
Using Geomag to illustrate best subject learned in school.


As teenagers are at home in the current situation, we are interested in whether this unstructured time enables them to be creative in their use of Tech Toys by integrating subject skills across domains.

This is being currently investigated with an online and home based survey & design study where teenagers globally are using Tech Toys to answer a design brief. This has a real world problem requiring a solution - an ideal school that is safe and sustainable. This involves questions on creativity across subject domain, the design build and then the use of specific Tech Toys to understand whether they promote creativity and connectedness across domain.


s there a relationship between how creative a teenager is in their design and choice of tech toy? Does this project enable them to transfer subject skills?

Implications for education will include reassessing pedagogy.


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