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Sedentary behaviour is now recognized as a unique health hazard of our generation. Recent evidence has suggested that simply meeting guidelines for physical activites does not mittigate the cardiovascular and metabolic effects of sitting all day long. However, it has been shown that breaking up prolonged sitting with light-intensity activities significantly improves postprandial glycemia (blood sugar levels).

So far, here wasn't any physical product to encourage people to take low- intensity workout breaks at higher frequencies available in the market. Now, there is Flip: Flip is a desk-companion that encourages users to take several low-intensity workout breaks over the course of the day, helping them reduce the disease risks that come with a sedetary lifestyle.

 — Flip


The goal of this project was to find design to encourage people to take low-intensity workout breaks and at higher frequencies.Key to achieving that is designing a low-intensity workout interface and forming new habits.

I started by collecting insights from user interviews and building up a design-hypothesis that could be tested. To change the behaviour the design would need to be able to:

  • Indicate, detect and judge the behaviour to provide a gamified workout experience.
  • Require minimal effort for users to get started with the low-intensity workout.
 — Flip


Flip can transform any surface into a workout interface. Flip is a projector with an implemented kinect, connected to an app. The device encourages low-intensity workout breaks by making the experience easy, fun, and without preparation.

The design of the physical product allows for it to be used in various scenarios. It easily transforms surfaces like the floor or walls into gamified workout interfaces.The design of the digital interface supports this behaviour. It helps the user set up the trigger, provides feedback, and has a reward system to motivate the user to repeat the behaviour. This way, Flip hleps people breaking up their sedetary routine and mix it up with regular workout breaks.


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