Design Engineering
Showcase 2020

Ocado Technology

Max Hunt
10X Technology
Dr Nicolas Rojas
10X Intern
Retail and Consumer Goods

For 3 months, I worked as an Innovation Intern at Ocado Technology, in the 10X department. 10X is a branch of Ocado Technology that follows the 10X mentality of setting incredibly high goals and using technology to learn about a problem and develop radical solutions.

I worked on a rapid evaluation project for a product aimed at delivering groceries. My work involved developing a product scope, making it in CAD, then manufacturing it and evaluating its performance. I used rapid prototyping in an iterative process to refine and deliver a reliable demo prototype.

 — Ocado Technology

Demonstration of Design Engineering Thinking and Skills

Ideation and sketching: Defining required product features and generating ways to implement them, sketching different approaches to a problem and running a critical evaluation to determine the best solution.

3D design: Creating concept renders to visualise different possible features of a product before starting with the in depth design.

SOLIDWORKS CAD: Developing parts and assemblies to be manufactured with Additive Manufacturing or laser cutting. Developing knowledge of good design principles and assembly checking tools like interference detraction and design study.

Fabrication: Using rapid prototyping technology such as AM, laser cutting and some light metal work. Developing AM skills for mechanical applications, with tolerance, layer height and orientation considerations.

Python programming: Writing a codebase for controlling mechanical features of the product and developing further skills in clean code, following PEP8 standards and naming conventions.

Mechatronics: Integrating sensors and actuators through a System on Chip (SoC) controlled by high level code.

Project management: Breaking product down into subsystems and identifying subtasks. Estimating time needed to complete each subtask and ensuring the product is delivered on time.

Role and Contributions

My role at 10X was primarily to evaluate the viability of a new delivery concept, through iteratively designing and fabricating a prototype. With an open scope, I worked on defining the product’s features, capabilities and a fully defined brief.

Having defined the components, I made the physical design in CAD to be fabricated. I mainly used Solidworks as it is the standard at Ocado.

Having made the CAD, I fabricated the product out of laser cut ply, 3D printed parts and some mechatronics components such as motors, sensors and an SoC.

The fully built product was tested for both mechanics and UX, and the lessons learned were carried forward to the next iteration.

 — Ocado Technology


Ocado 10X has been an absolutely amazing place to be this summer! I worked with incredible technology and an amazing team to develop the most ambitious, fun and useful mechatronics product to date.


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