Design Engineering
Showcase 2020

Gabrielle Tanneau
Global Innovation Design
Dr John Stevens
Breaking Barriers

The aim of this research is to investigate how design methods can be implemented in the educational field to offer new learning experiences by creating a platform for teenagers to grow intrinsic motivation to learn.

The worldwide crisis has revealed many issues in established education systems, including the absence of self-discipline and the lack of ownership from teenagers towards their learning. is a playful platform which prepares teenagers to be self-directed learners. Its physical tools help users develop a sense of control over time, increasing productivity and enjoyment when learning. The platform is built around a continuous improvement cycle divided into six steps: assessing oneself by determining one’s strengths and weaknesses, visualising one’s profile, accessing recommended tools, using them in one’s daily studies, improving and repeating. Thanks to a design process, serves as an example of how education systems across the globe can benefit from a design approach.

I am looking for people to further collaborate and discuss with. If you are interested, feel free to contact me., a playful platform which prepares teenagers to be self-directed learners



The envisioned solution is a self-directed learning structure which provides teenagers with tools to self-regulate their learning while growing intrinsic motivation to learn.The envisioned system is divided in three actions which represents the three elements: combine (the website), self-assess (the questionnaire), act (the tools) as shown in the user journey. is a website on which users can assess themselves through a test leading them to their self-directed learner profile and to unique tools based on their results. The created instrument evaluates the user’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of self-directed learning, based on nine skills (motivation, self-awareness, setting goals, time-management, etc).The platform aims to be simple and straightforward. Through an easy journey, makes it very accessible to navigate resources. The platform turns self-improvement into a fun personal challenge and develops a long-term investment in the platform.

The tools are designed according to the nine competencies evaluated and were inspired by existing methods and tools. All tools were developed with the same intention: making time visible and physical. They are designed to be interactive through actions like tearing off, turning, playing, shaping, throwing, assembling.



Very timely project for the current need to improve skills and become employable again as well for adults too.

Raj Shah

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