Design Engineering
Showcase 2020

Interactivity to Increase Customer Engagement in the Garment Customisation Process

Dr Leila Sheldrick
Embracing the White Space

Today's garment industry has seen rapid trends of providing customisation services. Emerging digital technologies are consistently offering new ways for retailers to work with end-users to create customised items. While new methods of advancing the practices of garment production are transforming the industry, combining interactive data captures and communication technologies to facilitate customer-centred customisation may offer new opportunities for the industry, as well as make it more sustainable.

 — Interactivity to Increase Customer Engagement in the Garment Customisation Process
Virtual garment fitting.


The research topic was designed in the context of the digitalisation movement of production operations, with particular concerns about sustainability in the garment industry. The research will focus on human-computer interactions by addressing behavioural and motivational factors in the customer decision journey. The research set two hypotheses that the simulation of body figure and body motions will enhance customer engagement and higher body-related engagement in the garment customisation process can facilitate stronger emotional bonding with the customised product.


The research development will focus on the conceptual model for the customer to evaluate the garment form, fit and function in an interactive digital customisation process.


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