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Showcase 2020

Redesigning the Grand Junction 100-Inch Engine Experience

Design Engineering MEng
Dr Lorenzo Picinali
Breaking Barriers

The London Museum of Water and Steam tells the story of the history of London's water supply, and is home to many historic steam pumping engines, including the Grand Junction 100" Cornish engine. The engine first ran in 1871 and last ran in the 1950s. It has not moved since then. Bringing it back to life and revitalising the experience in the engine house would be immensely valuable for the Museum, its visitors, historians and researchers, and the engine itself. My project aims to start this lengthy process by gathering information, designing and evaluating potential solutions, and identifying next steps.

 — Redesigning the Grand Junction 100-Inch Engine Experience

Project Aims and Objectives

The overall aim of this project is to lay out the groundwork for the Museum to redesign the 100-inch engine experience. This includes identifying and defining the scope and limitations of the overall project, detailing the current known knowns and known unknowns through preliminary research, and brainstorming and evaluating potential solutions.


Throughout the project, I examined and analysed the current experience of the 100" engine, interviewed stakeholders involved with the engine, conducted research by looking at primary sources, industry guidelines, reports by other institutions of similar projects, etc. I also drew up a CAD model of the engine and made calculations to assess the technical limitations and requirements for future solutions to be implemented, on top of brainstorming different ideas and evaluating their viability and appropriateness for stakeholder needs.


In the end, a compilation of information about the engine, a list of success criteria for the overall project, a list of known unknowns to be investigated further, and a series of ideas and evaluations was generated to guide future efforts to deliver an excellent experience of the engine. This is only the very beginning of a long and vastly complicated process to revive the 100" engine experience, one likely to take much time and effort, and dedication from the staff and volunteers at the Museum. My project laid out the groundwork for this work to begin, and hopefully will also serve as an inspiration for projects of this sort in the future.


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