Design Engineering
Showcase 2020

The Magic of Things

Design Engineering
Dr Hamed Haddadi
Design Engineer Intern
Technology, Media and Telecommunications

The Cauldron Co. is a technology company that offers immersive magical experiences via their pubs, cocktail classes and retail products. My role among the technology arm of the company, ‘The Magic of Things’, was to work with other departments supporting new developments such as the online store and the new Wizard Exploratorium venue. Although COVID 19 partly changed the work environment, I am proud of the variety of skills gained such as web development to preparing packaging for mass manufacture. Having the responsibility over projects like these has made me a better technical communicator in a cross disciplinary company.

 — The Magic of Things

Demonstration of Design Engineering Thinking and Skills

Working on the Shopify ecommerce site for the online store introduced me to HTML, CSS, and Liquid which I had not programmed in previously. Although this was a daunting step, I managed to learn them quickly in order to edit the product pages and theme code. Introducing new features was based on iterative feedback from the team. This cycle as well as feedback from the data analytics team and analysing heatmap/funnel data from Hotjar (3rd party website analyser), allowed a rapid value driven process.

Upscaling production for the wand boxes meant transferring the original design features to new stakeholders which were manufacturers from China. I had to delegate tasks to the engineering team who could test parts and send feedback remotely. This process was communicated to the CEO and received further feedback to determine changes, logistical information and delivery optimisation. In terms of how the documentation was presented to the manufacturer this had to be technical and professional whilst protecting the IP of the products.

During the development of the partnership webpages, I have learnt how customer data is flowed from input to the company’s database to then send targeted marketing material. I can now create embeddable forms, linking all customer data to the central contacts system and automate it through Zapier. Implementing a system where thousands of contacts were automatically processed was very inspiring as these systems are integral to digitally connected companies.

 — The Magic of Things

Role and Contributions

I was a design engineer intern who worked to bridge the existing design and engineering team. I took part in five main projects: Wizkit subscription design, wand box packaging, website redesign, expansion site design and the new venue development. I have been able to save time and effort for the engineering team by offering design-lead insights that would be compatible with technical aspects of the Wizkit subscription design.

I was able to directly start a part of the upscaling process of TMoTs products with the wand boxes by following a process of technical documentation and communicating with the manufacturer as mentioned before. These new boxes were needed at quantities of up to 10,000 (worth $30,000 together), putting a large part of responsibility on my work.

Our developments to the online store from May had improved performance, UI and conversion rates of the existing product pages. I used Adobe XD as a prototyping tool which was a new approach for the company that allowed for faster iteration and feedback. Overall, this website design was important as there were substantial expansions elsewhere in the company, boosting views and sales on the online store.

During the expansion pages, I learned through close guidance from the CEO how data can be organized via web automations so that the applicant’s information is accessible to future staff reviewing them. This paved the way for the larger vision of the company to expand to ten flagship stores globally, so this set up the seeds for future growth.


I have thoroughly enjoyed this placement as well as gained a wide plethora of skills regardless of the remote setting. Working in a live and competitive company with new opportunities like the expansion plan has been a great change of environment that has really allowed me to grow in my interpersonal skills. Moreover, working collaboratively in the centre of the company’s current projects, I feel as though I can take more responsibility and lead in a technical group.

 — The Magic of Things
Visit the online model of the main components: (Password: Wandbox2008)


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