Design Engineering
Showcase 2020

Jurassic Fibre

CTO's Office
Dr Nan Li
Technology, Media and Telecommunications

Jurassic Fibre Limited is a large telecoms startup based in Devon. It is a local business run and developed by a team of global experts with emphasis on exceptional customer service and a range on highly flexible innovative products. I was assigned to a project that focussed on the development of a customer-focussed single touchpoint digital interface. My role consisted of managing all of the parties involved in the project and ensuring the communication and documentation was consistently effective. I also provided my design knowledge and expertise for systems design, UX flows and the user interfaces within the app.

 — Jurassic Fibre

Demonstration of Design Engineering Thinking and Skills

As a design engineer, I was tasked to translate the complex technology within the pre-existing company systems to amazing customer experience; this required both an understanding of the design and the enabling UX/UI that provides the same level of functionality without compromising the customer experience.

I provided design insights to stakeholders and linked information between all parties. I assumed the role of the product owner, as a well as a centralised point of contact for everybody involved in the project. The overall progress was reported to me and it was my responsibility to assess the technical details of that work and find the relevant (internal) stakeholders to voice their opinions on the developments. It was then my responsibility to implement those developments and report back to the external parties with feedback.

 — Jurassic Fibre

Role and Contributions

I was asked to provide a new pair of creative eyes and help to find a more innovative approach to tackling this project to try and get it up and running in full swing in order for the company to be able to tackle a huge increase in sales. As well as this the platform would provide the sales and marketing team a more centralised system to process and review the orders.

I provided the initial user flow system design prototypes for the skeleton of the app to our design agency as a provisional example of the stakeholder needs. By using visual communication skills, I was able to elaborate much more effectively on the new brief I devised with other stakeholders from the company.

In order to make the prototypes I had learned new softwares and gained a deeper technical understanding of the existing technical systems within the company. The user journey was sketched out and then transferred into Adobe XD to make simple customer journeys the stakeholders could interact with and use to iterate for further ideas and feedback. After I gained further feedback and insights, I produced more detailed and aesthetic wireframes with added transitions and animations to also prototype the user experience customers would go through.

The overall effects of my contributions mean that we are now currently close to releasing the first version of the app.

 — Jurassic Fibre


This experience has demonstrated to me the true purpose of design engineers in the workplace and how valuable interdisciplinary skills are. I have learned and developed new skills, such as UX design and was able to experience the process of creating a product that would have a real impact on for customers and help to create significant revenue for a company.


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