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Showcase 2020

Inrange Golf: The Future of the Range

Product Development
Dr Sam Cooper
Design Engineering Intern
Technology, Media and Telecommunications

Smart entertainment venues are growing rapidly across the world, particularly in the world of golf. Inrange transforms the driving range experience, making golf more rewarding, insightful and fun, through accurate radar ball tracking of every shot from every bay. During my placement, I introduced new features, designed challenges, shaped the user journey and even led the activation of the first smart driving range in the UAE. My role in the company grew quickly over six months, culminating in a junior product ownership role for two of our three products, Inrange & Inrange App, responsible for driving their progression.

Demonstration of Design Engineering Thinking and Skills

Despite the challenges brought about by the national lockdown in March, we utilised the opportunity to reflect on the Inrange’s current offering and focus our efforts on transforming the experience of our players and accelerate the business’s growth post-lockdown. It was my role as an outsider to come with a fresh perspective and help guide the product progression to achieve an outcome that I know myself, friends and clients would love. Through zoom interviews, observations, chatting to people on the range, analysing player reviews and studying user data, I was able to build up a much better picture of who our users are and how we can go about improving their experience.

 — Inrange Golf: The Future of the Range
One of my early deliverables on placement was to present back to the team my findings from user research and how we can optimise our user journey to create more engaged users. Here I utilised many of the skills we are taught on Design Engineering relating to user journey, personas and asking the ‘How might we’ question.

Working in Adobe XD, I have prototyped, tested and iterated designs in order to improve our customer experience at the range. Many of these features such as QR log in, handicap progression and personalised rewards have already been through development and are included in the live product, which is incredibly rewarding. By making the UI more visual, we were able achieve a much better response with users. For example, our improved club and target selection UI is a small improvement that has a big impact for creating memorable experiences. I also designed a new challenge, ‘Nearest the Pin’. I produced a fully working prototype in XD and the challenge is now being prioritised for development and release later this year. The new challenge will help to keep users engaged and eager to come back and play again.

With lockdown over and a backlog of ranges excited to install Inrange at their sites, my role shifted towards site activation. I took a lead role in ensuring the ranges look great, staff were trained and the online activation of websites and social media reaches as many players as possible to get them excited about Inrange. Here are a few examples of my designs.

 — Inrange Golf: The Future of the Range
My placement in numbers. This infographic shows just some of the immense progress that we have made over the course of my placement, and I believe that I have played a key role in helping Inrange to become much stronger and successful going forward.

Role and Contributions

In addition to the software, I also got to work closely with the Inrange hardware, including installing our innovative radar sensors, as well as the in bay devices and server rack. I learnt a huge amount about how to create and maintain an entertainment venue powered by technology.

Despite the pandemic, my Inrange internship has also taken me on international travels to the United Arab Emirates, to install and launch a new site at Abu Dhabi City Golf Club. Working with my colleague David Rossouw, we installed, activated and launched Inrange for the first time in the Middle East, and it is already on its way to becoming hugely popular and a great success in the region. I am incredibly proud of this achievement; it was an experience that has helped me develop far more than I could have anticipated. In addition to all of these activities I also took part in weekly roadmapping sessions to help decide and groom the tasks, issues and stories that should be prioritised. This allowed me to have a significant impact on what we would be working on next and helped me to mature into and experience being in the role of product ownership.

 — Inrange Golf: The Future of the Range
Here I am delivering a product training session for the golf professionals and staff at Abu Dhabi City Golf Club. I gave them confidence to use, talk about and sell the Inrange products, as well as how they can manage their range effectively and how to increase the revenue potential by hosting activation events and competitions.
 — Inrange Golf: The Future of the Range
The driving range at Abu Dhabi City Golf Club post install. You can just about see two of the radar sensors installed on the roof as well as all of the touchscreens in each bay.


My time at Inrange has given me a hugely valuable insight into how our skillset can be applied in industry, particularly in the growing market of technology-powered entertainment venues. I look forward to working with Inrange to secure another intern from Design Engineering and working with them to support the business as it grows across the world. Despite the difficult times, things are looking very promising for Inrange and I am excited to see where it goes.


Great job Will. Really cool to see you tackling some of Golf's barriers to entry with some really cool tech. Would definitely recommend a visit to the range at Greenwich to check it out for those interested!

Rob Garland

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