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Design Team
Dr Hamed Haddadi
Design Engineering Intern
Industrial Manufacturing

Akasa is a global computer hardware and electronics manufacturer which specialises in thermal solutions, founded in 1997. They offer passive and active case solutions, coolers, heatsinks, fans, PC lighting and a vast array of card readers, cables and adapters for both retail and industrial use. I joined the Design Team, which is responsible for creating and designing product packaging, product features website pages, the products themselves, and any other digital marketing assets. My role has enabled me to receive a hands-on experience within each of those aspects, contributing to a multitude of new product launches over the past six months.

 — Akasa
Akasa Vegas AR7 Addressable RGB LED Cooling Fan: A New Generation of Personalised Illumination.

Demonstration of Design Engineering Skills and Thinking

Being a part of a small team meant that I worked within a variety of design disciplines and had to apply a different set of design engineering tools, approaches and methodologies for each project, which allowed me to appreciate the breadth and versatility of my role. My responsibilities ranged from designing packaging for new products, creating the features pages on the website, creating product renders for digital marketing, as well as devising and implementing social media marketing strategies for over twenty different products. With each project, I was able to combine the knowledge and skills learnt throughout my undergraduate degree with the expertise and experience of my team members. I can now fully appreciate having the varied skillset and technical engineering knowledge to be able to quickly adapt to and grasp new ideas, concepts, techniques or environments. As a design engineer, I was able to understand the roles of my team members and position myself in the team in the best possible way to work effectively and efficiently.

 — Akasa

As a packaging designer, not only did I design the packaging using Illustrator, but I also conducted market research to justify my decisions and create a memorable experience for the user. This was vital as Akasa has four main user groups (PC enthusiasts, gamers, lifestyle, industrial) which require different design approaches. My designs had to ensure low sustainable manufacturing costs, were optimised for e-commerce and complied with WEEE regulations. I learnt how to approach photorealism in rendering by working closely with the industrial designer to create product renders using Keyshot for digital marketing. These were published on Akasa’s social media platforms. I also used my rendering skills to deliver assets for the Intel LOEM summit presentation later in the year.

 — Akasa
Product renders for digital marketing, ranging from lifestyle cables to fanless cases.

Role and Contributions

For the past six months, I have worked at Akasa as a Design Engineering Intern and joined their Design Team. I began my placement remotely and continued to work from home until the last two months of placement, when I was able to go into the London office and work with some of the team there (Marketing and Sales). However, all of the Design Team are based in Taipei, so I worked with them via online platforms for the entirety of my placement, balancing a seven-hour time difference with remote working. Despite all this, I managed to work closely with my team and gained valuable skills whilst doing so.

 — Akasa

My main responsibilities laid within the areas described above, as an inter-disciplinary designer. However, I also contributed to the company through new practices and establishing an engaging social media presence for the company, which will, in turn, impact sales. Through the development of Akasa’s digital marketing channels, I was responsible for implementing product sponsorship proposals with leading technology reviewers and influencers, requiring me to liaise with key stakeholders. The direct impact of having influencer marketing has been shown to me, as sales for the promoted product rapidly increased following the publicity. After securing an advertising contract with a popular tech reviewing site, I was also in charge of creating the advertisements that will soon be published online. The impact of my work has also shown the company that they require a full-time employee within digital marketing. As a result, I was responsible for hiring a new member of the team to continue what I have contributed throughout my placement.


My placement has been a valuable and rewarding experience for me as a Design Engineer. I have learnt and developed many design tool skills, with which I feel very confident to apply to my final year of university, alongside developing my professional skills in a work environment. I would definitely recommend contacting Akasa’s super friendly team if you’re interested in diving into the realm of PC building or delving into thermal solutions for commercial applications!


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