Design Engineering
Showcase 2020

Muang Thai Life Assurance

Sirada Supanwanich
Fuchsia Innovation Centre
Dr Sam Cooper
UX/UI Designer Intern

Fuchsia Innovation Centre strives to create a fast-paced, start-up culture which promotes innovation and agile working, even in a large company such as Muang Thai Life. Cross-functional teams formed between departments allow a breadth of expertise to help refine the product. Throughout the placement, I was able to learn new skills and broaden my knowledge about the field of digital product development.

 — Muang Thai Life Assurance

Demonstration of Design Engineering Thinking and Skills

One of Muang Thai Life’s core values is to put the customer at the centre of their decisions and to help them lead happy and fulfilling lives. In the push for digital services which aligns with this statement and the business strategy, the new holistic health tracking app was created.

As a part of the working team in Fuchsia Innovation Centre to develop this new application, I was able to apply design thinking methods I learnt from Design Engineering, such as journey mapping and user testing, to explore and refine design requirements.

Using Figma, I translated these requirements into user interfaces for the application; applying the acquired knowledge in information architecture and interaction design to effectively communicate with users through the designs. Through regular presentations of my designs and discussions with the team, the features were continuously iterated and refined.

Usability tests were carried out to meet with target users and receive feedback on the prototype, I conducted a thorough analysis of user behaviours and interactions with the prototype which provides key insights for further development. I also attended creative workshops which utilised different ideation methods such as word association, storyboarding and practising empathy to explore many creative directions, creating the basis for future features and even the marketing direction for the November 2020 launch.

Role and Contributions

My role as the user experience and user interface designer includes attending weekly meetings with the project manager and team to discuss the features and details to be included in the app. These discussions allow me to collect, or adjust, design requirements and translate them into intuitive interfaces. Additionally, the application flow is designed which connects each screen to create a journey which is suited for the user. These designs were presented to the team and stakeholders for feedback and iterations after each design sprint. I had taken responsibilities to develop whole features such as the notification system and the profile page which required insight into all aspects of the application.

As I work in a small team, members can fulfil many roles. During the placement, I created graphic illustrations which are integrated into the app as a focal point of a feature. I also created animations for the onboarding flow using After Effects, which I had no prior experience in. These tasks helped me to develop my skills as a designer and will allow me to create a variety of visual assets in the future.

Animation of the mock up application.

In addition to the health application, I worked on a solo project for the company’s sales department to design and develop a brand new feature. This project required me to be responsible for arranging and leading discussions with the project manager to present updates on the design iterations. My designs were handed off to developers to be integrated and used in the application in the future.


As the placement took place during the COVID-19 pandemic, the experience was certainly non-traditional. Despite this, I believe the placement greatly developed my skills as a designer and taught me how to adapt to new circumstances. Thank you, Muang Thai Life and Fuchsia Innovation Centre for taking me in for my placement, the experience I gained will undoubtedly help me in my future career endeavours!


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